Ideas (Not Final)

Thought it would be beneficial to make a somewhat short post compiling all of my ideas into a single space for the sake of not wandering off of the trail to my destination. Had a tutorial a few days ago, it was rather helpful regardless of the fact that I had barely anything on my blog, might have been a sort of way to push me to get actual work done, haha. I took the last few days off to get my mind in the right place and to brace myself for the load of work that is awaiting and today – I will finally begin to work. Throughout this weekend I hope to develop a solidified concept for all 3 projects that we have within this module and hopefully start sketching things out or conduct research via available resources. There’s still a full month left until the end of the module so there is no time to waste, let’s get onto it.

I will start by talking about the things which I have thought of doing for the smaller scale projects that we are asked to do for the workshops of the module – “Change Someone’s Day Through Illustration” and “Digital Adventures”. I figured it would be smarter for me to conjoin these projects together through the subject matter at the very least as it will simply make the process faster and much easier as I would essentially be doing 2 final pieces for a single project. For CSDTI (shortening for time-saving reasons), we need to create a booklet which would include a proposal for something that we would like to put out into the public. The final piece which we will be proposing can be just about anything – a publication, a poster, a statue, a collection of stickers, other – as long as it qualifies as something that would “change someone’s day”, it’s appropriate. For DA (doesn’t take too long to write it out but I figured since I’m shortening the other name, might as well do the same with this one too) we were asked to get “lost” in the worldwide web and find 6 points of interest to report on, then choose one of those points and make a 10 page publication that would report on it. With how often I’m using the word “report”, makes you wonder why this module isn’t called “Visual Reportage” but ehh, I don’t think it really matters, huh? And then I will be going into the final project, the big boy project – the final piece of the entire module – the Visual Essay itself, for which we were asked to pick a point from a list and make a response in the form of a publication for it.

A lot of publications if you ask me.. that’s why I think conjoining at least 2 of the things could be beneficial, as for how I decided to conjoin them – further down is the answer.

For the CSDTI workshop, initially I had envisioned a project that would be relevant and have a meaning that would benefit a group/groups of people. But looking into it, I figured it would not be the best option to go with as there is a lot of restraint, mainly due to Covid, but also with how little time there is left. Therefore, I went onto think about what usually changes my day and it occured to me – humour. Question then was – what kind of humour would it be and how would I be able to make a publication out of it. Thankfully, DA came into rescue by providing me with the gem that is “Cooking for Engineers” and thus, the idea of creating a humourous cook book was born. For DA, I could look into other cook books that were either too poorly written to work with, were satirical or even so smart it was stupid. I will be making a research post later on in which I will make a list of 10 books/websites that are exactly that. Another option is to take the “Cooking for Engineers” website, find 10 of the most bizarre recipes and creating a publication that would revolve around that. Nevertheless, the subject matter of a cook book/recipes had been decided on. The only thing that was left to figure out was how can I make a unique publication that would incorporate cook books and it dawned on me. When I first got to uni, even prior to that, I had the vision of developing better eating habits, trying more things out in the kitchen, expanding my horizons when it comes to food making and all that. Little did I know that my eating would become even trashier than it had been before.. Toasts with ketchup spread and cheese slapped onto it, rice bowls with nothing but some drops of soy sauce in them, strips of toasted bread with a side of sour cream and chive dip – I don’t think I need to go on, the list is very lengthy and all entries are atrocious to say the least. Thinking on it, I remember people making story posts about their atrocities and thus, the idea of creating a publication about the culinary atrocities of students was born. The book would be created in the style of a anecdote book but with recipes and verdicts instead of jokes. But let’s be honest.. these recipes are jokes… I also think recreating some submissions would be an overall fun experience. And as aforementioned, it would make the overall work for this module much easier as I would be creating 2 publications which revolve around a single subject matter. The first one could potentially double as research too! Here is a link to the form for it!

As for the main project, I want to make something to do with living in covid, within a dome that Covid has created and how that has affected people from different backgrounds. The titular dome is what I personally have been made to believe the pandemic has brought upon us and I want to explore that and see how other people have been coping with it, how they’ve been living, how it has affected them and those around them, how it has damaged their perception of life and the outside world and what sort of effects they believe to linger even once the pandemic is long gone as well as how they think they will be able to adapt to normal life again. I think it would make for a very relevant publication and hopefully beneficial as well as it could potentially push the idea that we’re all in this together even further. In addition to that, it could make people feel more comfortable to speak up about things and vent as a whole. In the tutorial, I was suggested that I could also go down the “homesickness” route and create a sort of forum for these people to get connected, however, I think focusing too much on a single element puts other aspects of dealing with pandemic blues at risk of being disregarded or even invalidated, I want to make my publication as open to as many people as possible, to illustrate all sides of the polygon. I really enjoyed the idea of creating a forum for people to connect over, might have to try it out, but I don’t know if it would even be possible for me to do something of such a high reach, but, I will give it a shot and see what options are available. I have so far gotten a few responses to my Google Forms questionnaire, if you would like to contribute to that too, here is a link to it. Any and all responses are appreciated!

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